Classic ABS Wired Game Controller


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Classic ABS Wired Game Controller Gaming Remote Pro Gamepad Shock Joypad Joystick For Nintend Wii First and Second Generation


100% Brand high quality classic controller For NintendoWii Remote

8 buttons: X Y A B L R ZL ZR

L/R, ZL/ZR buttons designed in vertical row

L/R buttons designed in number

Use the communication function of the will remote control

High quality motor for maxmimum vibration feedback

Allows you to freely play will games at anytime

Compatible with all will games

Blends elements from the controllers for Nintendo Entertainment System, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and for Nintendo.

Allows seamless control when playing the titles for Nintendo Wii’s Virtual Console.

Use the control pad along with the A and B buttons for a familiar experience when playing Entertainment System games.

Stylish controller is comfortable to hold, even during extended gaming sessions.

Third party products, not made by orignial company.


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